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8 Bermudian Artists to Watch

Pink Sand Entertainment 


The man can play his behind of! I’ve heard him a few times, alone playing his alto sax and with his band, and I’ve enjoyed it every time. He is able to move so easily between gospel and pop music, not once losing the integrity of the piece or of his performance. He’s a pleasure to watch perform and to listen to.



Bermudian Musician Makes Moves for 2016!

Pink Sand Entertainment took a moment to catch up with Bermudian musician, Gianluca Gibbons. He shares with us his love for music and what’s to come in 2016! Check out what exciting things this young Bermudian is doing in the music world. 


PSB: What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?


GG: That’s a tough question; I’ll just mention some recent ones. My band HTG getting chosen as the number one band by a Warner Bros. Record representative in a music showcase at the House of Blues...



Musician Unafraid to Dream Big

The Royal Gazette


Gianluca Gibbons is bringing his gospel jazz fusion band home next week. HTG got rave reviews when they performed at LA hot spots the House of Blues and the Viper Room but the pressure is on with their concert here.


“We have been talking to people in the music industry out in LA and they will be watching to see what will happen and if we can prove ourselves,” the 24-year-old said. “I wouldn’t say it’s a make-or-break moment because we will keep pushing regardless ... but it’s a great opportunity for us to pivot in the direction we want to go to.”

Chewstick To Host Concert Instead Of BeachFest


The Emancipation Concert will feature international reggae star Wayne Wonder backed by the Ruff Kut Band, Tanya Stephens, Bermudian reggae artist Mishka and emerging international hip hop star Alex Wiley, alongside local artists Hannah Eggen, Gianluca Gibbons [HTG], Haz the Human, D.I.A. Band and more.


This event is a fundraiser for the Chewstick Foundation’s ongoing Capital Campaign to help bring the Chewstick Culture Hub to reality.

God Opens Doors for Saxophonist

The Royal Gazette


If you think your Christian faith might hold you back from a successful career in entertainment, think again. Saxophonist Gianluca Gibbons said God has opened more doors for him in Los Angeles than he ever thought possible. “I’ve been able to accomplish more than I could have ever imagined in my four-and-a-half years here in California,” the 24-year-old said. “Since last September alone I have played about six shows in Hollywood, collaborated with multiple talented industry artists and had a meeting at a local recording company." 


“The most recent door God opened was this past week. Theo Wanne Mouthpieces decided they wanted to endorse me. The company represents some of the best saxophone players in the industry, including Marcus Anderson and Adrian Crutchfield, both of whom have toured with Prince and living jazz legend Gerald Albright. The opportunity really is a dream come true.

Finance Minister off to show the flag at RIMS in Denver

The Royal Gazette


Premier Craig Cannonier will lead the Island’s political representation at the conference, which will also see around 200 industry delegates from the Island travel to Denver. [...]


Bermuda will host its own booth, modeled on traditional Island architecture, and lay on a Bermuda reception organised by the Business Development Authority (BDA) featuring Bermuda food specialties and cocktails and a jazz and blues band led by saxophonist Gianluca Gibbons, who is currently studying at the La Sierra University in California.

200-strong Bermuda delegation heads to Denver for RIMS

The Royal Gazette


This year the BDA decided to jazz things up and will feature an array of Bermudian talent ranging from culinary delights to signature Bermudian cocktails, topped off with the jazz and blues band, HTG (formerly Heritage), which will be led by the very talented Bermudian saxophone player, Gianluca Gibbons, who is currently studying at La Sierra University in Southern California.


The musician said: “I am looking forward to being involved in this great venture. With all my efforts in music and business, bridging gaps between Bermuda and the international scene has always been a great motivator for me. This opportunity is nothing short of a blessing, and representing my homeland Bermuda is an honor. We are really excited about this opportunity.”


Premier Cannonier said: “I am also delighted to see this level of Bermudian talent on show at this event; in particular, I am thrilled to witness the performance by an upcoming Bermudian entertainer, Gianluca."

Premier to lead Bermuda’s RIMS delegation in Denver

The Royal Gazette


The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), whose CEO David Cash will also attend the conference, said yesterday that Bermuda would host a private reception to encourage networking between local dignitaries and industry representatives.


Jazz and blues band Heritage, led by Bermudian Gianluca Gibbons, will lead the entertainment, and culinary specialties from the Island will be served.

In Cuba, all that will matter is the music

The Royal Gazette


A promising young saxophonist will be performing at a benefit concert this month to raise money to study Latin-Jazz in Cuba.


[…] Mr. Gibbons has already made headway in his career — he is currently in the process of recording a small album with his band Heritage. He is also in the planning stages of a solo gospel saxophone album.


Though he has been exposed to other areas like art, sport and retail — he said his heart has always been devoted to music.

Sound decision Music man Gianluca puts positive spin on his craft The Royal Gazette.

The Royal Gazette


When it comes to popular music, few songs with a positive message seem to infiltrate the secular airwaves — but that could all change, if local musician and producer Gianluca Gibbons has his way.


The talented 21-year-old is currently the producer behind US rapper Turbo T Double’s latest release ‘Insomniac’. The song has managed to get airtime on three local radio stations, including Mix 106, Power 95 and Hott 107.5, as well as television station FreshTV.

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