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"Saxophonist Gibbons is poetry in motion.” - The Royal Gazette

“Great musicality and performance chops.”

- Warner Bros. Representative, Roderick Scott


"The man can play his behind off! He’s a pleasure to watch perform and to listen to."

- Pink Sand Entertainment


"When it comes to popular music, few songs with a positive message seem to infiltrate the secular airwaves — but that could all change, if local musician and producer Gianluca Gibbons has his way." - The Royal Gazette

"Gianluca killed with his magical saxophone.” - Bernews

“Breathtaking.” - World Magazine Jamaica

“I really enjoyed you”. - Mundo Garcia, Def Jam Records


International recording artist Gianluca Gibbons is known for his captivating songwriting, electric stage presence and breath-taking saxophone solos. His songs have been placed in independent films, received acclaim from international songwriting competitions, and has placed him in studios with legends such as engineer/producer Tommy D. Daugherty (Tupac, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & Prince).


Gianluca’s music has reached thousands receiving international radio play and 100+ press hits on major platforms such as CBS, Pop Dust, MEDIUM, iHeart Radio & BBC Radio. He’s shared the stage with greats such as Wyclef Jean, Natasha Bedingfield and Nico & Vinz. 


His raspy tone on both the saxophone and vocals are iconic as he blends influences of soul, pop, jazz and hip-hop in the music he creates. Gianluca is excited for what is happening with the new music he is working on for film/TV, other artists and a much anticipated solo project. You can catch Gianluca Gibbons live at his Downtown Los Angeles music residency Soul Pop Sessions.



"Fashion Slayer" 2019, HEЯITAGE 

"Made For Each Other" 2018, HEЯITAGE

Shadows” 2018, Poppy’s Field

Too Much to Lose”, Esty 3018 [Music Video]

Company" 2018, Sabre

Red Lips” 2018, HEЯITAGE

"Speak Life" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"God's Plan" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"I Can" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"Diamond" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"Shades of Me" 2017, Gianluca Gibbons [IMDB Film Composer Credit]

"Summertime Again" 2016, HEЯITAGE

Insomniac” 2013, Turbo T. Double

Tu Promesa” 2009, Maria Jose Jimeno

Entusiasmo” 2011, En Tus Manos


International Songwriting Competition, 2019 Semi-Finalist [2 Categories]

International Songwriting Competition, 2018 Semi-Finalist [3 Categories]


Theo Wanne Mouthpieces & Instruments