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"Saxophonist Gibbons is poetry in motion.” - The Royal Gazette

“Great musicality and performance chops.”

- Warner Bros. Representative, Roderick Scott


"The man can play his behind off! He’s a pleasure to watch perform and to listen to."

- Pink Sand Entertainment


"When it comes to popular music, few songs with a positive message seem to infiltrate the secular airwaves — but that could all change, if local musician and producer Gianluca Gibbons has his way." - The Royal Gazette

"Gianluca killed with his magical saxophone.” - Bernews

“Breathtaking.” - World Magazine Jamaica

“I really enjoyed you”. - Mundo Garcia, Def Jam Records


International recording artist and speaker Gianluca Gibbons is known for his captivating songwriting, electric stage presence and breath-taking saxophone solos. His songs have been placed in independent films, received acclaim from international songwriting competitions, and has placed him in studios with legends such as engineer/producer Tommy D. Daugherty (Tupac, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & Prince).


Gianluca’s music has reached thousands receiving international radio play and 100+ press hits on major platforms such as CBS, Pop Dust, MEDIUM, iHeart Radio & BBC Radio. He’s shared the stage with greats such as Wyclef Jean, Natasha Bedingfield and Nico & Vinz. 


His raspy tone on both the saxophone and vocals are iconic as he blends influences of soul, pop, jazz and hip-hop in the music he creates. Gianluca is excited for what is happening with the new music he is working on for film/TV, other artists and a much anticipated solo project. You can catch Gianluca Gibbons live at his Downtown Los Angeles music residency Soul Pop Sessions.



"Christmas With You" 2019, EM & Gianluca Gibbons

"Fashion Slayer" 2019, HEЯITAGE 

"Made For Each Other" 2018, HEЯITAGE

Shadows” 2018, Poppy’s Field

Too Much to Lose” 2018, Esty [Music Video]

Company" 2018, Sabre

Red Lips” 2018, HEЯITAGE

"Speak Life" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"God's Plan" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"I Can" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"Diamond" 2018, HEЯITAGE

"Shades of Me" 2017, Gianluca Gibbons [IMDB Film Composer Credit]

"Summertime Again" 2016, HEЯITAGE

Insomniac” 2013, Turbo T. Double

Tu Promesa” 2009, Maria Jose Jimeno

Entusiasmo” 2011, En Tus Manos


International Songwriting Competition, 2019 Semi-Finalist [2 Categories]

International Songwriting Competition, 2018 Semi-Finalist [3 Categories]


Theo Wanne Mouthpieces & Instruments


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